• 90 Days No Payments is Back!

    It's back! If you're financing a new or used Auto with True Sky, you can get the first 90 days without making any payments! Ask for details today. Credit restrictions apply. Interest will continue to accrue. May/will affect GAP coverage.

  • True Sky Now Offering Jumbo Loans

    If you're looking for a mortgage loan outside the conforming limit, contact True Sky CU today. Loans for up to $1 million are now available! Contact Real Estate at 405.682.1990 x3907.

  • Check True Sky for Fraud Notices

    True Sky works hard to protect your money and information. With an increase in fraud around the world, we may block some merchants and countries to keep your accounts safe. Before you travel, check for the latest information. You can also notify us before you travel to ensure you can use your card. Call us at 800.448.1990.

  • Free Annual Credit Report

    If you are looking to obtain a free credit report, visit You should not pay for a credit report. This is free each year and can be obtained from each agency.

  • IRS Scams

    Thieves are calling people and claiming to be from the IRS demanding funds. If you receive a call, please beware and do not share your information.

  • Debit Cards in Canada

    Debit card fraud has been detected in Canada. To protect your accounts, True Sky CU has blocked debit cards throughout the country. If you need to use your card in Canada, please contact our Member Service department for assistance at (405) 682-1990 x3901 or (800) 448-1990 x3901 and we can add your account to the exception list.

  • Target Card Limits

    Due to fraud, all Target store purchases of $99 or above must be run as debit and PIN used.

  • Traveling with a True Sky Card

    With high amounts of fraud being committed overseas, several countries are automatically blocked from use with a True Sky Credit or Debit card. If you are traveling, please call our Visa department and we can place a temporary exception on your cards.

  • Using your Chip Card

    Some stores may only accept chip card transactions for up to $50. If you card is declined, try using your PIN and run as a debit to complete the transaction.