Have you been affected by Hurricane Harvey or Irma? 

If you live in the area recently hit by the storms or work for an organization that has closed down due to the Hurricane, True Sky Credit Union has a number of programs designed to help you through these difficult times. Please contact us at (800) 448-1990 and we can help you get started.

0% Interest Loan

Borrow up to $2500

60-day Repayment Term

0% interest


Short Term Loan

Borrow up to $3000

6-month Repayment Term

1.99% Interest


Both loan options require verifiable proof that you have been negatively affected as a direct result of Hurricane Harvey. If the 0% loan is not repaid within 60 days, arrangements to adjust the loan at your qualifying rate and term must be made.  Standard credit criteria and underwriting guidelines of True Sky Credit Union will apply.

Overdraft Forgiveness

True Sky will refund up to $100 in overdraft fees per Hurricane Harvey affected member from August 25 through October 25, 2017.  Please contact one of our employees to receive refunds on these fees.

Free Skip a Payment

True Sky will allow affected members to skip up to two monthly loan payments per loan excluding mortgages, credit cards and lines of credit, and will waive the $40 skip a payment fee through October 31, 2017.

If you have already skipped two payments this year and have verifiable proof that you have been negatively impacted by Hurricane Harvey, please contact one of our employees for assistance, as it cannot be done through Flightline. If you haven’t skipped two payments this calendar year and elect to skip your payment through Flightline, contact one of our employees and we will refund the fees for September and October.    

Certificate of Deposit 

True Sky will waive early withdrawal penalty fees for any Certificate of Deposit withdrawal for those members impacted by the Hurricane. Verifiable proof must be provided.

FREE Credit Counseling

True Sky will provide credit counseling for all members, at no cost, through Accel Financial counseling. Call 1-877-332-2235 to take advantage of this service.

As always, we are here to serve you. Call us today at 800-448-1990.   

TSCU reserves the right to modify the terms or discontinue the Hurricane Assistance Program at any time without prior notice. Verifiable proof is required to be eligible for any of the Hurricane Harvey Assistance Program. Standard credit criteria and underwriting guidelines of True Sky Credit Union apply.

Must be a True Sky member as of August 1, 2017 to quality for the Hurricane Assistance Program and provide verifiable proof of impact.

The list of items that will generally be accepted as verifiable proof include:

1. Residency in the state of Texas zip codes that have been impacted by Hurricane Harvey and that start with any of the following three numbers: 783, 784, 785, 770, 774, 775, 776, 777, 779.

 2. A letter/document from employer, insurance company, disaster relief organization such as Red Cross or FEMA.

3. A copy of previous pay stub from employer known to be affected.