Furlough Action Assistance Program

In an effort to assist True Sky Credit Union members who are affected by the government furlough we are offering members the following assistance:

To qualify for the Furlough Action Assistance program, individuals:

  1. Must be a current True Sky Credit Union member in good standing.
  2. Must provide proof they were impacted by the furlough.  (A letter from their HR department or something that indicates they were furloughed.)

Interest-Free Loan

Furloughed members have two loan options:  

  1. They can obtain a 60-day 0% interest rate unsecured loan in an amount equal to their last deposited paycheck up to $6,000.*
  2. They can obtain a 6-month low interest rate of 1.99% on an unsecured loan for up to 6 months in an amount equal to their last deposited paycheck up to $6,000.  

*If the 0% loan is not repaid within 60 days, then the member will need to make arrangements to refinance the loan at a qualifying interest rate and term. Furloughed members will need to qualify for the loan request. Standard credit criteria and underwriting guidelines of True Sky Credit Union apply.  

Overdraft Forgiveness

TSCU will refund up to $100 in overdraft fees per furloughed member for up to 30 days after the furlough ends.     

Free Skip a Payment

TSCU will allow furloughed members to skip up to two monthly loan payments per loan excluding mortgages and lines of credit, and will waive the $40 skip a payment fee. (Example: A member with a TSCU auto loan and signature loan may choose to skip two payments each month for two consecutive months).  

Certificate of Deposit No penalty on early withdrawal from their CDs. Members who have a furlough letter may withdraw money from their CD and True Sky will waive the early withdrawal penalty.

FREE Credit Counseling TSCU will provide credit counseling for all members at no cost to the member through GreenPath Financial Wellness. Call 1-877-332-2235 to take advantage of this service. This is a free service to all members of True Sky Credit Union. Members can take advantage of this service at any time.

As always, we are here to serve you, our member. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us today at 405-682-1990 or 800-448-1990.

TSCU reserves the right to discontinue the Furlough Action Assistance Program (FAAP) at any time. Proof of furlough is required to be eligible for any of the True Sky FAAP offers. Standard credit criteria and underwriting guidelines of TSCU apply.