Melissa Hacker: Branch Manager

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Get to know your Mustang Branch!

1) What year did your branch open?

Melissa: 2005

What makes your branch stand out in your community?

Melissa: The exceptional service and great rates that we provide to our members. We’re currently the only credit union in Mustang, and we offer a free credit score analysis to all members and non-members.

How long have you been with True Sky Credit Union?

Melissa: 15 years

Chrissy: 13 years

Madison: 2 years

Sabrina: 3 years

Cierra: 2 years

Jake: 2 years

Secilia: 1 year

Kristen: 2 ½ years

Brenda: 10 months

4) What’s the most significant thing your branch has done?

Melissa: We’re heavily involved in our community, with events like Mustang Western Days. We take part in the parade and our head hawk Bennie even makes an appearance! 

Why should non-members come see you?

Melissa: We offer financial guidance and truly love to assist our members. 

Chrissy: We love to help members and our branch is very welcoming.

Madison: Let us see if we can possibly lower your monthly payments and interest rates.

Sabrina: We can save them money.

Cierra: We can help save you money on loans, and we can help educate you on credit!

Jake: We’ll give you the best member service you’ve ever experienced.

Secilia: We enjoy meeting new people and helping them.

Kristen: We love to help people and make connections.

Brenda: We enjoy helping people and making sure they’re taken care of.

What community events is your branch involved with?

We take part in several different community events. Most specifically Mustang Western Days! We decorate our branch and windows, and we participate in the parade with our employees hand out candy. Last year we were a sponsor of the playground and community center being built, and we handed out water. We also helped Mustang teachers by donating items to 150 new teachers in Mustang before the school year started!

What’s the best piece of financial advice you could give someone?

Melissa: Come to our Mustang Branch and have a credit score analysis done. Its free! 😊

Chrissy: Always pay your bills on time.

Madison: If a payment is 30 days late it goes on your credit report. Be mindful of payment deadlines.

Sabrina: Know your credit score and what can affect it.

Cierra: Educate yourself on your credit score!

Jake: Act your Wage.

Secilia: When something doesn’t make sense to you, always ask questions, and get more information.

Kristen: Take care of your credit.

Brenda: Learn to save money and stay on a budget.

What’s the best thing about True Sky Credit Union?

Melissa: Our employees are like family, and our member service.

Chrissy: We all work together as a team and management truly cares about their employees.

Madison: We truly care about the members and want them to save money.

Sabrina: We contribute back to the community.

Cierra: Our member care that we provide! We try and go above and beyond to help all of our members, and non-members!

Jake: Everyone around True Sky Credit Union is always willing to help out.

Secilia: Our member service. We do the best we can to help our members.

Kristen: The members and employees.

Brenda: The employees I get to work with daily.

What sets your staff a part from others?

Melissa: The service we provide to our members. We all go above and beyond to help them.

Where do you see your branch in the next 5 years?

Melissa: Growing and continuing to provide excellent service to our members.

What sets you a part from the competition?

Melissa: Our service, low rates, and credit score analysis.

What are you most excited about for your branch in 2018?

Melissa: Our Branch Spotlight month is in September! We have several events and goodies for our members. 

What’s the coolest thing you’re working on right now?

Melissa: Mustang Western Days coming up Sept. 8, and planning for our Branch Spotlight.

What’s your secret talent that no one knows about?

Melissa: I don’t have one.

Chrissy: Why would I tell you if it’s a secret?

Madison: I don’t have one.

Sabrina: SHH, it’s a secret.

Cierra: I don’t have one.

Jake: I’ll keep it a secret. 😊

Secilia:  Maybe I have one, maybe I don’t.

Kristen: I can play the piano.

Brenda: I can sense things about people without knowing them. 

What are your hobbies?

Melissa: Hanging out with family and friends, shopping, watching movies, and going on vacations.

Chrissy: Hanging with the family and, friends, and going on vacations and, I love the pool.

Madison: Hanging out with friends and family.

Sabrina: My kid’s sports, and I’m a board member for Mustang Youth Sports.

Cierra: Shopping, and spending time with family.

Jake: Soccer and running.

Secilia: Eating, sleeping and traveling when I can.

Kristen: Cooking.

Brenda: Being a mom.

What’s the best way for your branch to give back to the community?

Melissa: Community involvement by volunteering.

Chrissy: Giving back by volunteering with the community.

Madison: By helping the community with Mustang Western Days, and the Bennie’s Back-to-school giveaway we’re doing for teachers.

Sabrina: Educating our youth about finance and credit.

Cierra: Providing great service. We want everyone to be taken care of! We offer Credit Score Analysis to everyone, not just members.

Jake: Providing excellent customer service and being personable.

Secilia: Donating to local charities such as the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals.

Kristen: Helping people achieve their financial goals.

Brenda: Actively participating in donation opportunities. 

What is the fondest memory you have of True Sky Credit Union?

Melissa: There are so many! I would say the holiday parties and the friendships with co-workers.

Chrissy: I have so many I don’t know where to start. It has to be all the relationships made with co-workers and members.

Madison: Meeting all my co-workers! We’re co-workers, but friends as well, and always try to help each other out.

Sabrina: Mustang Western Days Parade, where Bennie joined us! Our youth members loved it!

Cierra: When I first started at True Sky Credit Union, I was still in training, and I would walk through the halls, and literally every person that passed me would say, “Hello!” It made me feel so welcomed.

Jake: Helping one of our members move his wife and daughter’s gravestone, because he didn’t have anyone to help him.  He’s now one of our regulars!

Secilia: Working with my co-workers! Every day is a fun and a great memory.

Kristen: When we participated in the costume contest a couple years ago. We didn’t win, but it was so fun.

Brenda: Seeing and helping all of our Mustang members!   


18) What the most memorable moment you have of an event or situation?

Melissa: When one of our Mustang members was drawn for $2,500 for referring a member! 

Chrissy: Playing in a kickball tournament with True Sky Credit Union. I played in the very last game of the day, and I was playing first base, the ball was kicked, and I caught it hitting me dead in the eye with my sun glasses on. I then turned and threw it to back to 1st base and got the other runner out so I had a double play not knowing my eyes were bleeding! I had to be at work the next day face to face with members, and I had a black eye! I had to explain to several members what happened!

Madison: Walking in the Mustang Western Days parade with my branch. It was a great time!

Sabrina: Our Mustang Western Days skit. We took first place.

Kristen: I helped a member whose dad had passed away. I’d helped her several times before. She cried, and I consoled her, and we really connected. At Christmas of that year, she brought me baked goodies, gave me a hug and thanked me for being there for her in her time of need! It warmed my heart.

Cierra: Last year during the Mustang Western Days parade! We walked in the parade, handed out candy, and had so much fun together!

Jake: Being able to help Marketing film some skits for True Sky Credit Union.

Secilia: When a member won the $2,500 drawing at our branch for referring a member! Everyone celebrated her and shot confetti canons. She was surprised and didn’t expect it. It was fun and memorable.

Brenda: Knowing that the people I work with truly care.

What is a goal you look forward to accomplishing?

Melissa: Continuing to grow as a credit union, and provide the best service in Mustang to our members.

20) What’s your biggest achievement at TSCU?

Melissa: Working for True Sky Credit Union for 15 years, and becoming Branch Manager in Mustang.

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