Christy Baldischwiler: Branch Manager

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Get to know your E-Services Branch!

1) What year did your branch open?

Christy: We are an E-services branch and our official phone center opened in 1994 at Mike Monroney Aeronautical Center at the FAA location.

2) What makes your branch stand out in your community?

Christy: The E-services branch can assist members anywhere they are located. They don’t need to visit a specific branch. They can call in from their couch, car, or from work and we can help them.

3) How long have you been with True Sky Credit Union?

Christy: 14 years – E-Services Branch Manager

Lindsey: 5 years – E-Services Visa Supervisor

Adam: 13 years - Underwriter

Emely: 2 years – Loan Officer

Melinda: 8 years – Loan Officer

Adriana: 3 years – Member Care Representative

Penny: 1 year – Member Care Representative

Dickie: 3 years – Card Services Coordinator

Tinna: 30 years – Card Services Administrator

Carolyn: 31 years – Operations Support

Exzetta: 29 years – Operations Support

Andrew: 3 years – Loan Officer

1 year – Loan Officer

4) What’s the most significant thing your branch has done?

Christy: We updated our app to include: mobile deposits, face and thumb print recognition, quick balance options, and card management. We also now have an online chat feature to provide quick answers to your questions.

5) Why should non-members come see you?

Christy: We can assist non-members with their questions from the comfort of their own home. We will soon have the option to open accounts online in the first quarter of 2019, so we are looking forward to making those special relationships with new members.

Lindsey: We have unparalleled service along with a unique Credit Score Analysis program.

Adam: We have great products and services that are designed to work for our members.

Emely: We will treat you like you are a part of our family.

Melinda: Let us see if we can get you a better rate on loans and a better checking account with us.

Adriana: We enjoy meeting new people and we provide education on credit.

Penny: I think we have a lot to offer, especially personalized service to members.

Tinna: We offer competitive loan and CD rates.  We also offer a free Credit Score Analysis, and we have friendly employees.

Exzetta: To get sound financial help, advice and great service.

Andrew: We look to improve the lives of those who come to us and find ways to help save them money.

Fernanda: We are here to help and guide members and non-members if they are having any financial problems or need assistance in getting loans.
6) What community events is your branch involved with?

Christy: We offer special member appreciation days throughout the year, as well as donate to Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals with money earned from bake sales, chili cook offs and silent auctions.

7) What’s the best piece of financial advice you could give someone?

Christy: Don’t max out your credit cards! This instantly hurts your credit score up to 50 points. 

Lindsey: Don’t live beyond your means.

Adam: Be patient with your credit and don’t try to do too much in a short period of time.

Emely: Don’t get too much in debt. Save your money.

Melinda: Limit the amount of credit score inquiries and make sure you keep your credit cards paid off.

Adriana: Always make your payments on time!

Penny: Always pay your bills on time, but always pay early if you can. Once you start your 401K at age 21, don’t touch it! Just roll it over if you change jobs!

Dickie: Build and protect your credit, use that credit wisely, and above all else save.

Tinna: Live below your means. Pay your bills on time. Save for the future.

Carolyn: Check your account every day and sign up for online banking!

Exzetta: Pull your credit report once a year to make sure the debts listed are yours and to watch for identity theft. A Credit Score Analysis is free at True Sky Credit Union.

Andrew: Be patient when it comes to your credit.

Fernanda: Know your credit score and be financially smart. You can always ask for help.

8) What’s the best thing about True Sky Credit Union?

Christy: We are always looking for ways to help our members save money. We get excited every time we save our members from paying higher finance charges and payments.

Lindsey: We truly care about our members and treat them like family.

Adam: We care about the well-being of our members and do everything we can to keep them on the right track to financial success.

Emely: We will try our best to assist you with any financial needs, take out any hiccups, and treat you just like family.

Melinda: We care about our members.

Adriana: Our members and employees.

Penny: The flexibility of scheduling if needed, coworkers, members, and getting to attend OKC Dodgers baseball games!

Dickie: Being able to assist members with financial needs and working with the greatest coworkers ever.

Tinna: Friendly employees and member service.

Carolyn: It’s a great place to work! We have awesome employees, management and a great Board of Directors.

Andrew: Having the opportunity to assist members and working with great coworkers.

Fernanda: You’ll always feel welcomed! Someone is always here to help!

9) What sets your staff a part from others?

Christy: We are highly focused on superior member service and providing the best to every member.

10) Where do you see your branch in the next 5 years?

Christy: Technology is always changing and I see our department continuing to grow so we can provide quick service to our membership.

11) What sets you a part from the competition?

Christy: We are here to help our members in every way we can. We are not for profit, so our members are our top priority. We focus on providing high quality service to empower our members and enrich their lives.

12) What are you most excited about for your branch in 2018?

Christy: I’m looking forward to the new technology features that we are continuing to offer our members. 

13) What’s the coolest thing you’re working on right now?

Christy: We recently implemented a new online banking upgrade. The new features are more modern looking and will offer more options to our members.

14) What’s your secret talent that no one knows about?

Christy: I can juggle.

Adam: I’m a cabinet and furniture maker.

Emely: I play soccer and run cross country.

Melinda: I can wiggle my ears.

Dickie: Voice impersonations.

Tinna: I taught myself how to play “Happy Birthday” on the saxophone. 

Carolyn: I can stand on my head for a long period of time.

Andrew: I am a professional napper.

Fernanda: I can sing, or can I??

 15) What are your hobbies?

Christy: Going to my kids’ sporting events, the lake in the summer, snowboarding in the winter and reading a good mystery.

Lindsey: Hanging out with my family, shopping and traveling.

Adam: Going to the lake, boating, snow skiing, golf, and watching cat videos on YouTube.

Emely: Being around my family, taking my son on fun adventures and sleeping.

Melinda: Going to my son’s baseball games. Adriana: Hanging out with my family and friends, watching Netflix, and traveling when I can.

Penny: Traveling, cooking and spending quality time with my family.

Dickie: Pool-billiards.

Tinna: Skating, bicycle riding and going to car shows.

Carolyn: Watching OSU football and Thunder games with my three grandsons and husband.

Exzetta: Watching TV.

Andrew: Photography, going to the lake and taking care of my Doggo.

Fernanda: I crochet, sew, craft and like to collect sand from around the world.

16) What’s the best way for your branch to give back to the community?

Christy: We continue to offer our free Credit Score Analysis. This program has saved our members more than $24 million in unnecessary finance charges with other financial institutions.

Lindsey: The Credit Score Analysis program. We empower members with knowledge on how to manage their credit; it is invaluable.

Adam: Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals has been a huge part of True Sky Credit Union’s culture for a long time and it’s a very fulfilling way to help families in need in our community.

Emely: Volunteering at local food banks.

Melinda: Doing what we can to help members achieve their dreams.

Adriana: Educating our youth about credit. Penny: Getting out and volunteering.

Dickie: Community event participation and ongoing financial education for our members.

Carolyn: I enjoy going to events and talking about True Sky Credit Union. Most people don’t know what credit unions are about.

Andrew: Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals is supported by the whole credit union.

17) What is the fondest memory you have of True Sky Credit Union?

Christy: Our costume contests and holiday parties.

Lindsey: Playing for the True Sky Credit Union soccer team. Every game was so much fun! It was a challenging experience.

Emely: Holidays!!!!!!!!

Melinda: The credit union holiday parties.

Adriana: The holiday party at the Devon tower.

Penny: I hadn’t been here very long and didn’t know my coworkers well. I came in on my birthday with my desk decorated with birthday swag, a card and goodies. I didn’t know they knew it was my birthday, so it definitely put a smile on my face for sure!

Dickie: Assisting a member who was traveling abroad. Her husband had a heart attack and she did not know the PIN # to use at the ATM for emergency cash. We were able to utilize a PIN waiver and get her a PIN number the same day, much to her joy and relief. Both members returned home safely.

Fernanda: When I started a new position within my first year here; it felt awesome!

18) What the most memorable moment you have of an event or situation?

Christy: True Sky Credit Union goes above and beyond for their employees in need. When tornadoes hit or a death in the family, the credit union is always there, and everyone steps in to help where they can. Whether it be by monetary donations, physical assistance or just being there for moral support, TSCU is like family and I have made several lasting friendships during the past 14 years.

Lindsey: Being able to help a member with a loan when they truly needed it. They were so grateful!

Adam: I think the day we had the “Big Event” which revealed the name change was fun. It really felt like the credit union went all out for its employees that day.

Emely: The holiday party.

Melinda: When it was announced that we were changing our name.

Adriana: Last year on Halloween we went to Spooksville in Yukon to do face painting.

Penny: Spending time on the phone with members, particularly helping an elderly member get signed up for online banking.

Dickie: All employee training day 2017. We were able to dress up! My department dressed up as the Harlem Globetrotters, and we won the group contest!                                                                                             

Carolyn: Back when I worked at MMAC and the air show would come in June. Watching the Thunderbirds practice was amazing!! Also, the largest plane in the world from Russia came in. Phenomenal!

Exzetta: When I was acknowledged for 25 years of service at our annual meeting.

Andrew: Going to the annual meetings and having the opportunity to meet our members.

Fernanda: The all employee event was very welcoming, and made me feel like I was part of the team, even though I was just hired.

19) What is a goal you look forward to accomplishing?

Christy: I look forward to growing our loan portfolio during this next year and assisting our members in the most convenient way for them.

What’s your biggest achievement at TSCU?

Christy: Working in several positions at the credit union for the last 14 years and becoming the E-Services Branch Manager in 2016.