Jackie Palmer: Branch Manager

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Get to know your Edmond Branch!

1) What year did your branch open?

 Jackie: 2005

What makes your branch stand out in your community?

Jackie: Our products and services – we truly focus on members and their individual needs. I have personally seen the influence of the Credit Score Analysis program on member’s financial well-being.   

How long have you been with True Sky Credit Union?

Jackie: 5 years

Ana: 2 years

Sylvia: 2 years

LaFrantz: 19 years

Megan: 7 years

Tatum: 2 years

Lilia: 1 year

Essence: 2 months

Iris: 20 years

What’s the most significant thing your branch has done?

Jackie: When we opened our new location August 2016, to better serve our community and members.

Why should non-members come see you?

Jackie: We focus on each member and their unique needs and financial goals. 

Lilia: We have some of the nicest employees, and they’re always looking for ways to help out our members.

Sylvia: We have great service and truly care about doing our best to help each person.

Ana: True Sky Credit Union offers ITIN, which allows members with ITIN to open account’s and loans.

Megan: True Sky Credit Union offers a complimentary CSA (Credit Score Analysis) to members and non-members alike, where we go over their credit report with them, and look for ways to increase their credit score and potentially save them money.

Essence: The staff is always ready to serve members with a positive, friendly, and welcoming attitude.

Iris: We offer great interest rates and a variety of products. 

6) What community events is your branch involved with?

Jackie: One of my favorite events every year is EdFest in October. Last year, we helped children make Frankenstein, ghosts, and pumpkins out of paper plates. By the end of the night, we had stickers, glue, and tape everywhere! In March, we hosted a free Spring into Savings  event for families with the Easter bunny, our Head Hawk Bennie, Polaroid’s, face painting, egg hunt, and crafts. So far this year, our employees have volunteered with The Great Gown Affair, the Metropolitan Library Book Sale, VCA Kickingbird Animal Hospital Pet Fair, Park Fest and Taste of Edmond.

What’s the best piece of financial advice you could give someone?

Jackie: Start saving early! Just a few dollars a month will add up over time.

Lafrantz: Pay your bills on time. Adding even $5 extra can pay loans off quicker.

Megan: Keep a budget. Check your account activity regularly.

Lilia: Ask questions when you don’t understand or believe you need more information. Don’t just accept what you are told.

Ana: Read the information you are given to know the benefits of what you have and to potentially avoid fees.

Sylvia: Budget. Pay things on time or make arrangements. Always look at what you have and see where you can cut costs.

Tatum: Keep up on bills and budget monthly. Shop around for rates, whether it’s for investments or insurances.

Essence: Always have an emergency savings.

Iris: Save money and set a budget. 

What’s the best thing about True Sky Credit Union?

Jackie: The best thing about True Sky Credit Union are the people – our employees and our members make it a joy to come to work each day!

Tatum: Our member service; we truly feel like a family.       

Sylvia: Our members.

Ana: Our member service; we truly feel like a family, and True Sky Credit Union has helped member’s dreams come true!

Lilia: We’re always helping and getting involved in our community.

Megan: The 401K plan with matching employer contributions.

Essence: The best thing about True Sky Credit Union, besides the services we offer, would have to be the genuinely friendly staff.

Iris: True Sky Credit Union is always looking for ways to save members money. 

What sets your staff a part from others?

Jackie: My staff is very hard working and service-oriented. They strive to help each member to the best of their ability.

Where do you see your branch in the next 5 years?

Jackie: Continuing to grow and setting the example of excellent service in the Edmond community.

What sets you a part from the competition?

Jackie: C-S-As! We complete a free Credit Score Analysis on all new accounts and loans. The CSA educates our members and non-members about credit reports and empowers them to grow their score. 

What are you most excited about for your branch in 2018?

Jackie: I am most excited about our growth in service. From new systems and technological advances to more branch events, we are working every day to serve our members more efficiently and effectively to empower them to achieve their financial dreams. 

What’s the coolest thing you’re working on right now?

Jackie: Our Branch Spotlight events for the month of August. I am so excited about coffee, ice cream and giveaways! We can’t wait to meet everyone who will be joining us at these events!

What’s your secret talent that no one knows about?

Jackie: How much food I can eat at buffets!

Tatum:  I enjoy painting.

Ana: Being a Mom!

Lilia: My ability to eat plenty of food!

Sylvia: I am a good budgeter. I know how to not spend money.

Megan: Playing the piano.

Essence:  None that I know of!

Iris: If I tell, it’s not a secret!

What are your hobbies?

Jackie: Crafting, baking, cooking, and eating – so basically food is the root of my hobbies.

Ana: Shopping, cooking, playing UNO cards and definitely sleeping when kids give you a little break.

Tatum: Reading and doodling.

Lilia: Experimenting with makeup.

LaFrantz: Studio time and working.

Sylvia: Netflix, music, outdoor time, coffee mornings and reading.

Megan: Reading.

Essence: I love spending time with loved ones and watching sporting events.

Iris: Watching movies and taking my dogs for walks.

16) What’s the best way for your branch to give back to the community?

Jackie:  Volunteering with local charities, hosting bake sales and donation collections for those charities.

Megan: Disaster Relief – The credit union helps people affected by disasters like Hurricane Harvey or local tornadoes.

Ana: Going the extra mile for our members.

Sylvia: Donations to local charities.

Ana: Going the extra mile for our members.

LaFrantz: Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals fundraisers like our bake sale.

Lilia: Member Appreciation Days for our members.  

Essence: Getting involved with community events and volunteering.

Iris: Having events for our community. 

What is the fondest memory you have of True Sky Credit Union?

Jackie: The way True Sky Credit Union comes together to support each other during times of joy and sorrows. We truly are a family!

Lilia: Annual training day when every branch comes together.

LaFrantz: Give them a pickle – acknowledging all the extra miles that employees do.

Tatum: Holiday parties and getting to mingle with other employees that we don’t get to see all the time.

Sylvia: Parties and food days!

Ana: Definitely the holiday party. You get to spend time outside of work with all of the employees who you don’t see all of the time.

Megan: All the great people I get to work with!

Iris: Working with all good co-workers!

What the most memorable moment you have of an event or situation?

Jackie: Member Appreciation Day, August 2017 – It was pouring down rain and our parking lot had puddles everywhere, but Marketing helped us take members orders and take members their food using large golf umbrellas. We had a good turnout and had so much fun even though we ended up drenched!

Ana: The Edmond Chamber Morning Mingle Network event that True Sky Credit Union hosted at the Edmond Branch. I was able to meet different people from different companies. My very first time attending one and I really enjoyed it!

Lilia: Our employee Christmas charity drive! We collected more than 100 stuffed animals for the C.A.R.T. House. It was amazing to see my community come together and help others.

Megan: Member Appreciation Days.

Iris: Since working at the Edmond branch, all the ladies have been very welcoming to me, and it is even more wonderful to see how nice they are to our members.    

What is a goal you look forward to accomplishing?

Jackie: I look forward to True Sky Credit Union standing out in the Edmond community as an example of service. I want everyone in Edmond to know the name True Sky Credit Union!

20) What’s your biggest achievement at TSCU?

Jackie: My biggest achievement at True Sky Credit Union thus far, would be becoming Branch Manager at our Edmond location.