Daniel Garcia: Branch Manager

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Get to know your Capitol Hill Branch!

What year did your branch open?

  • Daniel: 2006

What makes your branch stand out in your community?

  • Daniel: We’re equipped to serve a pre-dominantly Spanish speaking community. 

How long have you been with True Sky Credit Union?

  • Daniel: 14 years
  • Abril: 3.5 years
  • Alejandro: 8 months
  • Ana: 2.5 years
  • Arlyn: 4.5 years
  • Carlos: 1.5 years
  • Corina: 17 years
  • Isabel: 6 months
  • Miriam: 1 year and 4 months
  • Ricky: 8 years
  • Rosibel: 13 years
  • Sandy: 6 months
  • Vanessa: 9 months

What’s the most significant thing your branch has done? 

  • Daniel: TSCU was the first CU to build a branch in an underserved pre-dominantly Hispanic community located near the historical Capitol Hill community. 

Why should non-members come see you?

  • Daniel: We genuinely care about serving and helping in any way possible.
  • Alejandro: We would be able to give them an unforgettable experience!
  • Ana: To help them with their financial needs.
  • Arlyn: So that we can help them with their financial needs.
  • Carlos: We have financial options for them.
  • Corina: We’d love to have the opportunity to help them with their financial needs.
  • Isabel: We can offer a welcoming experience just as I received when I first came to TSCU.
  • Miriam: We can help our members and save them money.
  • Ricky: Our willingness to help members and non-members.
  • Rosibel: We thoroughly enjoy finding ways to help people.
  • Sandy: We take our time to listen to the member’s financial inquiries.
  • Vanessa: To experience our commitment to help the community.

What community events is your branch involved with?

  • Daniel: We’re active with several business and civic focused groups within our community:  Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, Capitol Hill Main Street, Capitol Hill Civic Leaders Group, present seminars to high school students, partner with Oklahoma City Community College Capitol Hill Center, Fiesta de las Americas Parade, Hispanic Chamber Business Expo.

What’s the best piece of financial advice you could give someone?

  • Daniel: Stay informed and compare to make sure you’re getting the best deal
  • Abril: Have money saved for emergencies.
  • Ana: Keep track of their finances and build credit.
  • Arlyn: Have a savings account for emergencies.
  • Carlos: Do not take on multiple loans.
  • Corina: Do not open credit cards at a retail store.
  • Isabel: Create a savings account and do not withdraw from it. You’ll see your savings increase by leaving it alone.
  • Miriam: I would tell the younger generation to start building your credit as soon as you can.
  • It will save you a lot of time and money in the future.
  • Ricky: Take care of your credit score, and get a credit score analysis that we offer, for free.
  • Rosibel: Be very protective of your personal information.
  • Sandy: Track your expenses. There are several apps you can utilize to help you not over
  • extend your finances.
  • Vanessa: Build your credit whenever possible and maintain it. This could potentially save you hundreds of dollars with loans.

What’s the best thing about True Sky Credit Union?

  • Daniel: Genuine leadership and staff that truly cares about serving members
  • Alejandro: TSCU sees the need of the people and have the will to be there to help anyone.
  • Ana: My True Sky Credit Union family.
  • Arlyn: The dedication that our employees have towards our members.
  • Carlos: The diversity you get to see working with members and employees.
  • Corina: The people I get to interact with every day.
  • Isabel: The employees are the best thing about True Sky Credit Union.
  • Miriam: There are so many great things, it’s hard to choose!
  • Ricky: Our service and the ability to genuinely help families and the younger generation with
  • their banking needs.
  • Rosibel: The Credit Score Analysis (CSA) that we offer for free to members and non-
  • members. This is a way they can see where their score is and how we can accomplish their
  • goals.
  • Sandy: The members and my co-workers.
  • Vanessa: Every employee’s kindness and willingness to help every member

What sets your staff a part from others?

  • Daniel: My staff is hard working, has a strong work ethic, their team players, and they’ve created a family like atmosphere.

Where do you see your branch in the next 5 years?

  • Daniel:  Maintaining growth while serving a larger portion of the Hispanic market. 

What sets you a part from the competition?

  • Daniel: We offer a service that adds personal value to people’s lives. Our staff believes in what we have to offer, they work hard everyday to make a positive difference to change people’s lives.

What are you most excited about for your branch in 2018?

  • Daniel: Celebrating 12 years of success and that we are always seeking ways to continue that success.

What’s the coolest thing you’re working on right now?

  • Daniel: Recent partnership with Oklahoma City Community College to offer internship program for young students wanting to pursue a career in banking.

What’s your secret talent that no one knows about?

  • Daniel: I cut my own hair
  • Abril: I’m talentless
  • Alejandro: I am a baby whisperer
  • Ana: I know how to be organized
  • Arlyn: Is eating a talent?
  • Carlos: Eating
  • Isabel: Memorizing songs
  • Miriam: I’m a great story teller
  • Ricky: I play the accordion
  • Rosibel: Watching TV
  • Sandy: I’m a musician

What’s the best way for your branch to give back to the community?

  • Daniel: By being involved in the community as much as possible.
  • Abril: Having a branch with 100% of the employees being bilingual
  • Alejandro: Serving our community to help build a deeper and sincere trust.
  • Ana: Fun and Free community events.
  • Arlyn: We’re all bilingual and that makes it easier to help our Hispanic community.
  • Carlos: Educating our members how to manage their accounts and credit scores.
  • Isabel: By reaching out into the community to show that we appreciate people in our
  • community.
  • Miriam: We continually work to educate the community and give them a glimpse of their
  • bright future with TSCU.
  • Ricky: Having fun and exciting events for our member’s families.
  • Rosibel: Having Member Appreciation Days
  • Sandy: Our branch is focused on the Hispanic community, and it incredibly beneficial that all
  • staff members can speak Spanish. This allows us to educate our members on our product and services
  • Vanessa: Having community events displaying what we offer and how it can help them.

What is the fondest memory you have of True Sky Credit Union?

  • Daniel: Branch and department talent show we held at TSCU.
  • Abril: There are so many great memories! I’ve met great people along the way that will be lasting friendships.
  • Alejandro: Attending the TSCU Thanksgiving/Christmas parties, as I was able to bond more
  • with my colleagues.
  • Ana: Our Thanksgiving/Christmas dinners.
  • Arlyn: When my co-workers planned a surprise baby shower for me.
  • Carlos: Having a successful day by saving members money.
  • Corina: When I worked at the Western branch we had a plastic mouse called Bob and we
  • would hide him around the teller line.
  • Isabel: Playing holiday games at our Christmas party.
  • Miriam: The countless laughs I have shared with my co-workers.
  • Ricky: It has been great to learn and grow with my work family.
  • Rosibel: Having all the support of my co-workers when I was diagnosed with cancer. They
  • made me feel loved during my most difficult time.
  • Sandy: The help and support from my co-workers when I first started. I felt very welcomed
  • and motivated.
  • Vanessa: Our Christmas party, it was nice to gather, give gifts and enjoy the evening.

What the most memorable moment you have of an event or situation?

  • Daniel: Saving several members money they didn’t think they could save. 

What is a goal you look forward to accomplishing?

  • Daniel: Investing into the lives of my staff to better reach the mission of True Sky CU; Serving, empowering, and enriching lives of our members. 

What’s your biggest achievement at TSCU?

  • Daniel:  Successful opening of our branch. We’re able to help serve in a diverse community with a rich history in the Capitol Hill District.

What are your hobbies?

  • Daniel: Investing into my family and church.
  • Abril: Shopping, dancing, and spending quality time with my family.
  • Alejandro: I enjoy playing the guitar, reading the bible, spending time with friends, and going to coffee tastings.
  • Ana: Coloring for fun and drawing.
  • Arlyn: Spending time with my twins and family.
  • Carlos: I enjoy learning and playing around with my computer and playing video games.
  • Corina: Spending time with family.
  • Isabel: Reading, and binge watching shows.
  • Miriam: Creative writing, dancing, cooking, and watching Netflix/YouTube videos.
  • Ricky: Basketball
  • Rosibel: Gardening
  • Sandy: I love to read and go hiking.
  • Vanessa: Running and binge watching a series.

  • “I can't say enough good things about the help your staff provided; thank you so much.”Di H.