Get Rich Slowly blogged about motivation and money. The author, Honey Smith, made a list of five tips to keep you motivated in the midst of paying off debt.

Her steps were:

  1. Keep your goal visible – Have a visual representation of your goal so you can see what you’re working towards.
  2. Make yourself accountable – Share your goals with others so you have a support system in place.
  3. Switch your strategy – The two ways of gaining wealth are to cut costs or earn more. Honey recommends switching up your focus so that you don’t lose interest in one or the other.
  4. Celebrate your successes – Break big goals up into smaller goals and reward yourself when you reach a few of them.
  5. Take a break – Don’t stress over money every single day. Allow yourself a break from the extra payments you might be making in order to relax.

These steps can be helpful for anyone trying to pay off debt, especially if you’ve got a lot of student loan debt that can seem never ending.

At True Sky Credit Union we want members to achieve their financial goals. Our Co-Pilot Credit program can even help with a few of the steps Honey mentioned.

  • Make yourself accountable – By coming in to discuss your debt with another person, you have a better picture of what your debt looks like and what you can do to get it under control.
  • Switch your strategy – Perhaps you’ve been focused on working two jobs to increase your income. With Co-Pilot Credit, you may be able to switch your focus if your Financial Services Representative finds a way to save you money in interest and payments.
  • Take a Break – Members with certain qualifying loans at True Sky CU are occasionally allowed to skip a payment without it being reported to a credit bureau. This could be just what you need to take a little break from worrying about finances. Excludes home loans and Visa credit cards.

You can get our complimentary Co-Pilot Credit service by visiting one of our seven branches or calling 405.682.1990 to schedule an appointment.