Do you know what your credit score is?

At True Sky Credit Union, we look out for our members. Since implementing our Credit Score Analysis Program, we’ve saved members over $20 million dollars in potential interest payments.

Many people don’t know what a credit score is, what your credit does and how your credit score affects you. A credit score provides an easy way for lenders to numerically judge your credit at a point in time. Though this is a somewhat strict way to judge one’s financial history, the better your history appears, the more likely a lender is to loan you money and at better rates. Generally, lenders rely on your credit score and these guidelines to determine creditworthiness.

  • Better credit scores usually lead to better rates
  • Lower scores do not automatically disqualify but may increase your interest rate
  • As your credit information changes, your score will change
  • Down payments can also be determined by your score

Why is it important to have good credit?

A higher credit score will earn you lower interest rates, and lower interest rates can save you hundreds of thousands of dollars over your lifetime. Having good credit affects all aspects of your life including purchasing a car, a home, insurance, rent, potential jobs and can help lower the cost of your utility bills, well, at least your deposits.

The first step to improving your credit score is to know what your credit looks like. With our Credit Score Analysis, you’ll be able to see what your credit score is. If it isn’t where you want it to be or where you need to be, our Financial Services Representatives will sit down with you, going over each part of your credit score and how you can improve your score. We’ll give you the tools and action plan to implement in order to improve your score.

Visit or call any branch for your complimentary Credit Score Analysis. Your Financial Service Partner will review your credit score with you and advise you on steps you can take to increase your score, obtain loans with lower rates and save money each month.

We also offer complimentary Credit Score Seminars for your workplace, community organization and other group functions. Presentations are tailored to fit your group needs. Interested in hosting a seminar or learning more about our seminars? Complete the CSA Seminar form and Shana Lewis, our Community Outreach Specialist will contact you soon.

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