I'm happy at home

You're my best friend

Oh you're my best friend

Ooh you make me live

You're my best friend

Think for a second: who is your best friend? Is it your wife? Your husband? Your son or daughter? Do you go all the way back to childhood together? Have you helped each other through the rough times and celebrated successes with each other during the good times? Best friends are there to pump you up and to pick you up. They’re there no matter the stage in life and are there to be your confidant and to encourage you.

For example: 

Unfortunately in this case, True Sky Credit Union can’t offer accounts to inanimate objects like Sebastian. But now through November, for each friend you refer to join True Sky Credit Union, both you and your friend are entered to win two airline tickets to anywhere in the continental United States! 

Where would you take your best friend? We asked several True Sky employees what their friends mean to them and where they would go together if given the opportunity to explore a different city:

“My best friend and I have been friends for over 15 years. We have maintained a healthy friendship because our loyalty and respect for each other. We love to travel with each other often, but our next place to visit is New York City! We always wanted to visit New York because of the big city vibes and fashion inspiration.”

- Shana, Community Relations

“My best friend is an amazing person. Her ability to make people feel like they belong is one of her best attributes. She always looked out for the little guy no matter who it was. Our friendship spans over 20 years and no matter where life has taken us we always seem to keep our friendship alive. If we had two plane tickets we would to go Black Mountain Summit Park in Arizona.”

Jessica, Norman Branch Manager

“My best friend and I best friends because we have trust, we can talk about anything and everything without judgments, we have fun together and most importantly we encourage each other to do better for ourselves in life. If we could go anywhere in the US we’d go to Vegas. They have shows we would enjoy, do some shopping and do a little bit of the nightlife scene we like.”

Gaby, Real Estate Servicer

"From High school, our wedding days, babies, and everything in between, Megan and I have been through it all. No matter how much time and distance is between us we’re still Meg-O & K-Dub -- best friends! There’s nothing like having a best friend that will always make you smile, wants the best for you, and has your back 110% in any situation. I’m grateful to have her in my life and since High school!  True Friends are like diamonds—Bright, beautiful, valuable, and always in style.

If we were given (2) plane tickets to anywhere in the US I bet we’d go to Napa Valley to enjoy the scenery, girl time, and drink some wine in wine country! Come to think of it Meg-o lets plan this! "

- Krystal, Marketing Specialist

"My best friend is my best friend because we could have been sisters. According to my husband, she is my twin not in looks, but in personality. We share a lot of the same interests including our love to eat J We met at a ballroom dance studio  actually just a few months ago, but it feels like we have been friends forever! She is the only person besides my husband who I have instantly connected with. We have some differing views but we can discuss them and still be friends since we respect one another’s beliefs and convictions. Best of all, she is there for me. We build each other up and listen to one another. So far our favorite friend quote is 'God made us best friends because our mothers couldn’t have handled us as sisters.'

If I could go anywhere in the USA with her, it would probably be Disney world because she loves Disney and we would dress up as princesses (never too old to be a princess) and eat lots of yummy food." 

- Jackie, Edmond Branch Manager

"My best friend is my best friend because they have always been there for me, in the good and bad. We have always expanded our horizons and done thing we wouldn’t do with other friends. It has a lot to do with trust, comfort, support, and honesty. If we had two planes tickets to go anywhere in the U.S. I think it would be Hawaii. Because of the weather, beaches, food, and volcanos. Also, something different to experience in life and we have never been there."

- Elias, Tax & Accounting Specialist

Being a best friend means different things to different people. Though one thing every best friend has in common is that we each want the best for the other. That means in every aspect of life from relationships, careers, education,finances, and financial well-being. That’s where we come in. Refer your best friend (or friends!) to True Sky Credit Union through November and you are each entered to win two airline tickets to anywhere in the United States. And as a thank you just for the referral, you’ll each get a True Sky dopp kit to take on your travels and hopefully to the big one you might just win!