True Sky Credit Union

Truly Oklahoman


Eight co-workers at Civil Aeronautics Administration in Oklahoma City form the CAA Employees Credit Union to help one another with their financial needs.


We hire our first full-time manager. Around the same time, our name changes to FAA Employees Credit Union to reflect the department’s consolidation into the Federal Aviation Agency and, later, the Federal Aviation Administration.


Our field of membership expands to include immediate family members.


We open two new branches and, thanks to increased demand, begin offering real estate loans.


Our membership expands to include FAA students. We introduce our first ATMs, as well as a telephone teller system.


We introduce debit cards and launch our first website. Steve Rasmussen is hired as the credit union manager and later named CEO.


We adopt a community charter, opening our services to communities in the Oklahoma City metro area, and shorten our name to FAA Credit Union.


We open our membership to residents of two more Oklahoma counties.


We change our name to True Sky Credit Union, helping the community understand that our services are available to residents of the Oklahoma City metro area. The name also serves as a nod to longtime members by referencing the credit union’s history with the FAA.


Steve Rasmussen retires after 26 years of service. Sean M. Cahill named President and CEO, bringing more than two decades experience in the financial industry and a member-centric focus to True Sky Credit Union.