Our board of directors is made up of members, all elected by other members. They set the direction of the credit union with member input in mind.

Linda Lindsey – Board Chair

Terry Davidson – Board Vice Chair

Tanya Childress – Board Treasurer

Judy Richey – Board Secretary

Virginia Hicks – Board Director

Greg Hill – Director

Lance Maxwell – Associate Board Member 

Jessie McMullen – Board Chair

Supervisory Committee

Comprised of elected volunteers, the Supervisory Committee ensures all required audits are accomplished for the credit union. The committee procures an outside auditor to perform an annual audit and verifies all member accounts every 18 months. If you are unable to resolve account discrepancies through other means, you can contact our internal auditor, who works closely with this committee.

Janice Low - Committee Chair

Kevin Carrel

Marilyn Landoll

Mary Nelson