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  • 41 Month Exclusive CD Offer ($100k+)

    Rate (% APY) 2.31%
    Dividend Rate 2.29%
    Balance Requirements $100,000 and above
    Annual percentage yield. Rate as of 02/7/2018 and subject to change at anytime.
  • 7-4-7 Loan

    Rate (% APR) 7.00%
    Repayment Term Up to 48 Months
    Repayment Example 48 monthly payments of $23.95 per $1,000 borrowed.
    Apply Now
    Credit restrictions apply. Rates and terms are subject to change at anytime. Payment example: 48 monthly payments of $23.95 per $1,000 borrowed.
  • Optimum Checking

    Rate (% APY) 1.50%
    Dividend Rate 1.49%
    Balance Requirements Up to $40,000
    When qualifications are met. For balances over $40,000, the rate is .05% APY. Annual percentage yield. Rate as of 1/11/18 and subject to change at anytime.

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  • Membership is Easy

    Those who live or work in eligible counties around the OKC metro area can apply.

  • Free Credit Score Analysis

    Get one-on-one advice on how to improve your score.

  • Low Rates, Flexible Terms

    Browse our loans, apply online and get your answer fast.

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  • “True Sky is about as good as it gets with banking.”Eduard M.
  • “The big banks do not get personal with you, True Sky CU does. It really is a caring resource to its valued members.”Carol L.
  • “True Sky CU has taken very good care of my money from my first starter home to my dream home. I trust them with my money.”Barbara G.
  • “There is no better group of people on the planet to do your banking with!”Benjamin H.
  • “After 35 years, you are still my first choice for auto loans, home loans and everyday banking. It is wonderful to be able to trust the institution that handles your financial matters. ”Denise L.
  • “True Sky has helped me since I was 15 years old. It was great knowing that they were going to walk me through every step along the way and nothing has changed since then.”Allyson R.
  • “Walked with me, supported me, guided me to build excellent credit.”James M.
  • “Been my financial services provider for over 30 years. Feels like small town banking in the big city! ”Linda L.
  • “I can't say enough good things about the help your staff provided; thank you so much.”Di H.
  • “True Sky has been my bank for 20+ years and I have always received excellent service. ”Valerie H.
  • “I have banked at True Sky for well over thirty years. I appreciate the personal service and the invaluable help of the people. I'm grateful that even though I live in another state, I still bank at True Sky. ”Curtiss M.
  • “I was in despair because my air conditioner was broken and I couldn't get certain loans. It gets hot in Oklahoma! True Sky helped me find a solution and I'm very grateful.”Brandy S.
  • “Always first class. I've been a member since 1973. ”Pam H.
  • “I live 30 miles from the nearest branch office but with the phone app I can still accomplish 99% of what I need. I have nothing but praise for the whole experience I have had with this Credit Union. I have been a member for over 15 years.”Steve S.
  • “All employees that I deal with are TOP NOTCH. All businesses should be so lucky. They really go the extra mile.”Ramona D.
  • “All of my transactions have been a breeze. The employees are always very courteous and professional”Rose J.


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  • Protect yourself.

    Credit card fraud continues to be an issue as we hear about new data breaches almost weekly. Protecting your credit is important and one way to do that is to know if you've been a victim as soon as it happens. With True Sky's e-alerts you can get notified anytime your credit or debit card is used. Signing up for e-alerts is easy and free. Visit our support page to watch a useful tutorial and activate your alerts today.

  • Important ACH Changes are Coming

    Effective September 15, 2017, ACH debits and credits will have the ability to post on the same day they are created. This affects all institutions, not just True Sky Credit Union.

    What does this mean to you?

    Going forward, ACH items and paper checks will post as they are presented to True Sky Credit Union. These changes mean electronic credits and debits (including checks you issue, which are subsequently processed as electronic debits), may be eligible for processing on the same day they are authorized by you. This results in a faster payment system and means payments may clear your account sooner than they have before.

    It is important to make sure funds are available in your account before you make in-person, online, or telephone payments to avoid incurring NSF or Overdraft fees. Previously, ACH transactions could have taken 1-2 days to process; now, the same transactions may post the same-day on which you authorize them.

    True Sky Credit Union offers our members with several easy-to-use tools to help manage your account, and check your balances, such as:
    • Online Banking
    • Mobile Banking
    • Account Alerts

    If you have any questions, please contact us at 800.448.1990.